Access to electronic resources and forms from outside the institute

The Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology provide literature for their users and employees.

If you are not connected to the institute's network but need to access journals with access restrictions or internal forms by the administration you can connect to our website with ezProxy and travelmagic.

How to use the ezProxy

EzProxy and TravelMagic are web services provided and maintained by the Max Planck Digital Library. To use them you need to have a valid account for our network.

Please connect to . You will be prompted for user name and password. Please use the same login as for our institute network.

Please keep in mind: For any questions regarding literature access or availability of literature you should contact the library at the institute.

On the site you will find a list of literature where we have valid contracts. You can browse and search for literature and download the articles where the institute purchased the permissions.

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