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Podcast Deutschlandfunk Kultur with Jürgen Renn (audio in German) more
Anthropocene Working Group proposes Crawford Lake as GSSP candidate site of theAnthropocene series
On 11 July, in a joint press conference with the Max Planck Society (MPG), the Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) announced Crawford Lake, Canada as the proposed Global boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) candidate site of the Anthropocene series. Selecting Crawford Lake marks a significant step in the AWG’s effort to test the geological validity of the Anthropocene hypothesis and towards the scientific, and thereby also political and social recognition of the scale and severity of planetary transformation processes unleashed by industrialized humanity
Attendees of the European Climate Conference in Warsaw, including Prof Jürgen Renn of the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology, jointly drafted the following communiqué. The European Climate Conference was co-organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences and Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Sciences more
Tracing the Anthropocene
From FAZ (paywalled): Geoanthropology researches the influence of humans on the rest of the Earth's systems. At the Max Planck Institute in Jena, work is underway on the great synthesis more
Tropical Forests Reveal the Roots of the Anthropocene
A new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution shows how interdisciplinary research into human-environment interactions can be used to understand the origins of the Anthropocene and address its contemporary challenges more
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