Zooarchaeology and ZooMS (Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry) Laboratories

These laboratories offer facilities for the morphological and biomolecular identification of osteological remains. Our laboratories include some of the only dedicated ZooMS facilities globally, and house a Bruker Autoflex Speed LRF MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer, as well as a fully established wet chemistry laboratory for extraction and purification of proteins for peptide mass fingerprinting analyses (ZooMS).

The laboratories also contain equipment for the extraction and amplification of modern reference DNA, enabling improved ability to identify the sequences of new ZooMS markers. In addition to bioinformatics tools employed in the Proteomics Laboratories, the ZooMS laboratory has access to the bioinformatics tools FlexAnalysis, mMass, and R-based MALDI data analysis pipelines. The zooarchaeology laboratories also include facilities for the analysis of osteological (human and faunal) material, including casts of human skeletal material and hominin skulls as well as reference specimens of several primate, carnivore, and ungulate species. We are also collaborating with international museums to make skeletal casts and replicas to further expand our in-house reference collection.

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