Sri Lankan Ambassador Visit

Her Excellency Ms. Manori Unambuwe recently visited the Department of Archaeology

October 08, 2020

Her Excellency Ms. Manori Unambuwe, Ambassador for the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Berlin, and Mr. Ahamed Razee, Counsellor/ Head of Chancery, visited the Department of Archaeology, to: a) discuss scientific and educational opportunities and exchanges, b) to review our past, collaborative archaeological field projects in Sri Lanka, c) to discuss our scientific laboratory work, and d) to obtain possession of human skeletal remains from Fa Hien cave to transport and return to a museum in Sri Lanka.

The meeting and laboratory tour were significant in furthering the Max Planck Institute's research in Sri Lanka, and ensuring future opportunities for on-going cooperative research. Representatives on the Max Planck side included Nicole Boivin, Michael Petraglia, Patrick Roberts, Noel Amano and Dovydas Jurkenas. 

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