Pan-African Evolution Research Group to Host Monthly Virtual Seminars

The Rainforest Redux virtual seminar series will explore the role of the tropics in the deep human past

The interdisciplinary seminars will take place once a month from June 24, 2020 until June 23, 2021. Our first speaker will be Dr Ammie Kalan, a primatologist from The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. Dr Kalan will be talking about chimpanzee diversity across their range.

To subscribe to the talks please email the Pan-Ev group: The seminars will be held on Zoom.

Seminar Series Outline

24th June 2020
Pan-African perspective: chimpanzee diversity across their range
Dr Ammie Kalan, MPI-EVA
More information and a video of Ammie Kalan's talk can be found here.

29th July 2020
Lupemban MSA archaeology in the Congobasin, central Africa: an early emergence of rainforest foraging?
Dr Nick Taylor, Stony Brook

30th September 2020
The genomic history of African rainforest hunter-gatherers and farmers
Prof Lluis Quintana-Murci,Institut Pasteur

25th November 2020 -DoubleHeader!
Detoxifying tubers to monkey hunting: rainforest adaptations in Pleistocene Asia
Dr Noel Amano,MPI-SHH and Dr Huw Barton,University of Leicester

9th December 2020
Ancient DNA contributions into pathogen ecology and evolution
Dr Maria Spyrou, MPI-SHH/University of Tübingen

The seminar series will continue in January. The complete program of the series can be found here [PDF].

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