Fyssen Postdoctoral Fellowship Winner Dr. Eslem Ben Arous Joins the Pan-Ev Research Group

June 19, 2020

The ‘Lise Meitner’ Pan-African Evolution Research Group is thrilled to announce that it will soon be welcoming Dr. Eslem Ben Arous, who will take up her prestigious Fyssen Postdoctoral Fellowship with the group. Dr. Ben Arous is a geochronologist specializing in twinned Uranium Series/ESR dating, and recently obtained her doctorate from the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in Paris.

Dr. Ben Arous's doctoral research, based in Morocco, focused on dating early human archaeology associated with some of the earliest examples of cultural efflorescence in our species' prehistory.

As part of her Fyssen fellowship, Dr. Ben Arous will be applying geochronological methods to date new discoveries in West Africa.

This work will be particularly enhanced by a secondment with Dr. Mathieu Duval of CENIEH, in Spain.

Learn more about the Pan-Ev Research Group here.

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