Some useful hints when working from at home

March 17, 2020

On this page you will find some useful links and hints when working from at home. Please find further information on our intranet. Please keep in mind that due to Max Planck security policies the intranet is only accessible form inside our network or via VPN. To connect to the VPN you need a valid user name and password.

Connecting to VPN:

You will need the Cisco Anyconnect secure mobility client. You can download it from After the installation you can connect to our VPN server: Please do then choose your group. For more information please visit our intranet. As Windoesdrives willnot connect automatically. please execute the script VPN - connect drives (linked on your desktop).
We do have sufficient client access licenses installed. However, the internet line at the institute may become a bottleneck. Thus, do only connect if you need to, and try avoiding to connect all day long. This may hinder other users.

To log on use your username (without and your normal password.

BTW: You do not need VPN for Mail and Nextcloud.

Yesterday we successfully upgraded to 700+ licenses. So a missing license is not an obstacle.

However, the internet line cannot be upgraded short term Thus the line is the limit.

Video conferencing

We do have Zoom for video conferencing purposes. We upgraded the number of licenses to 40 concurrent online meetings on March 18th. You can use microphone, camera and speakers of your laptop. We have a very limited number of external cameras or speakers that you could borrow at the IT. Should you need a Zoom account, please mail the IT helpdesk.

The GWDG offers an alternative to ZOOM:

This is still in testing phase but works. To log on you will need your username at the GWDG (not your email-address) and your normal password. Each of you with a valid account does have a username at the GWDG.

The institute is part of the German Research Network DFN. As an institute mamber you can use their videoconferencing systems. Please find more on (at the moment in German only)

Video conferencing rules of conduct

Please read some general rules for online Video conferencing:

  • Share the number or meeting id to meeting participants only. Be careful when sharing links to public.
  • Do set a meeting password
  • The meeting organizer should keep track of participants joining in and react immediately in case not invited participants are joining
  • Do not transfer files via video conferencing system
  • Do not click "Funny Links"
  • Recording a video confernce requires the explicitly stated consent of all participants
  • When using chats treat any information entered as suited for the public
  • Make sure that data transfer is encrypted (https://!)

Phone conferences

On our intranet site, you find the numbers of our three permanently reserved phone conferences. Feel free to use them.

Accessing file servers:

Please dial in with VPN and connect to the servers as usual.

Forwarding incoming phone calls:

You may want to have calls forwarded to your private phone or mobile phone. To do so, please add the number to your address book in your phone (please do not forget the leading "0"). You can use this number to set up a call forwarding on your phone.

Accessing clusters:

Please dial in with VPN and chose the profile for the cluster you want to connect to.

Accessing machines in the labs:

Machines in the labs are on a protected networking segment. You will have to dial in with VPN. From your VPN connection, you can connect to a terminal server that forwards you to the lab PCs. Please mail the IT helpdesk if you need assistance in this measure.

Remote Assistance by an IT member

The IT is only partly occupied during normal working hours. To avoid the risk of infections we set up a remote management tool. Please dial in with VPN and connect to to read more.

Borrowing Laptops

Should you need a laptop, please ask at the IT. At the moment, we do only have a very limited number of laptops in stock. The chance to order some short term are low. Thus, you may need to work on an non-preferred system.

Further contacts:

Please do contact us per email at or by phone 03641 686 911. We try to keep the IT occupied during normal office hours.

In case of urgent emergency, you can try to reach Thomas Baumann directly at his office phone (ext ~912). During non-office times, the call will be forwarded to the private mobile number. However, we will only accept calls out of normal office hours in cases of urgent emergency.

Further documentation you will find on or on our file servers. Please do not forget to vpn in before.

Corona virus measures in Jena:

Please find more on this link. In German with Englisch translation.

Recommendations and informations by the Max Planck society:

Information by the Robert Koch Institute, Germanies most renowned institute for pandemics etc.:

And first and foremost: Stay healthy and take care. We are looking forward to find you well back at the institute.

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