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July 14, 2020 - Reviewing 40 years of research, a new paper challenges hypotheses and calls for a more biocentric understanding of cognitive evolution more
Besitzerverhalten beeinflusst wie genau und aufwändig Hunde kommunizieren
July 6, 2020 - Communication history and the principle of least effort guide human communications, but the factors guiding dog communications are highly influenced by their owners. more
Extended Parenting Helps Young Birds Grow Smarter
June 01, 2020 - A new study of corvid birds underscores how biology, environment, and social life allow young birds and humans to learn difficult skills that improve survival more
Pofatu: Neue Datenbank für geochemische „Fingerabdrücke“ von Artefakten
May 11, 2020 - The Pofatu Database is the first comprehensive open-access compilation of geochemical analyses and contextual information for archaeological sources and artefacts facilitating new insights into ancient trade and long-distance voyaging. more
Neuerscheinung: Cambridge World History of Violence
March 25, 2020 - The four-volume collection is the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive examination of violence from prehistory to the present more
"Reverse-Engineering": Über den Zusammenhang zwischen dem Wert von Münzen und ihrer Gestaltunge
Febr. 3, 2020 - Using insights from psychology, linguistics and economics, researchers investigate the properties of coined money in 182 modern currencies for underlying principles of design more
Cross departmental workshop: Reproducible Research and Data Management workshop
Date: Jan 29 - 30, 2020
Location: MPI-SHH Jena
Room: Villa V14
Organizers: Johann-Mattis List, Alexander Hübner, Maxime Borry, Christoph Rzymski, Robert Forkel, and Clemens Schmid more
O is a round sound: The relationship between sound and meaning in 66 different languages
Jan. 23, 2020 - Research shows that the sound of some words relates to the concept they refer to more
<p>Interdisciplinary study reveals new insights into the evolution of signed languages</p>

Jan. 20, 2020 - A team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the University of Texas at Austin used phylogenetic approaches to investigate the worldwide dispersal of European sign languages.

CLICS: World’s largest database of cross-linguistic lexical associations
Jan. 13, 2020 - Newest version of database sets new standards for reproducible research, providing a reliable approach to the quantitative study of linguistics more
Hunde und Wölfe sind gleichermaßen zur Zusammenarbeit fähig
Jan. 6, 2020 - Basic cooperation skills appear to be shared by dogs and wolves, suggesting that this ability was present in a common ancestor and was not lost during domestication more
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