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  1. Journal Article
    Kirby, K. R.; Gray, R. D.; Greenhill, S. J.; Jordan, F.; Gomes-Ng, S.; Bibiko, H.-J.; Blasi, D. E.; Botero, C. A.; Bowern, C.; Ember, C. R. et al.; Leehr, D.; Low, B. S.; McCarter, J.; Divale, W.; Gavin, M. C.: D-PLACE: A global database of cultural, linguistic and environmental diversity. PLoS One 11 (7) (2016)

Book Chapter (1)

  1. Book Chapter
    Bibiko, H.-J.: Visualization and online presentation of linguistic data. In: Potentials of language documentation: methods, analyses, and utilization, pp. 96 - 104 (Eds. Seifart, F.; Haig, G.; Himmelmann, N. P.; Jung, D.; Margetts, A. et al.). Univ. of Hawai'i Pr., Honolulu (2012)

Conference Paper (2)

  1. Conference Paper
    Berck, P.; Bibiko, H.-J.; Kemps-Snijders, M.; Russel, A.; Wittenburg, P.: Ontology-based language archive utilization. In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2006), pp. 2295 - 2298. 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2006), Genoa, May 24, 2006 - May 26, 2006. (2006)
  2. Conference Paper
    Cysouw, M.; Good, J.; Albu, M.; Bibiko, H.-J.: Can GOLD "cope" with WALS?: retrofitting an ontology onto the world atlas of language structures. In: Proceedings of 2005 E-MELD Workshop, pp. 1 - 19. 2005 E-MELD Workshop on Digital Language Documentation: Linguistic Ontologies and Data Categories for Language Resources, Cambridge, MA, July 01, 2005 - July 03, 2005. (2005)
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