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Journal Article
Faulkner, P.; Miller, J. M.; Morales Quintana, E. M.; Crowther, A.; Shipton, C.; Ndiema, E.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. D.: 67,000 years of coastal engagement at Panga ya Saidi, eastern Africa. PLoS One 16 (8), e0256761 (2021)
Journal Article
Martinón-Torres, M.; d’Errico, F.; Santos, E.; Álvaro Gallo, A.; Amano, N.; Archer, W.; Armitage, S. J.; Arsuaga, J. L.; de Castro, B.; María, J. et al.; Blinkhorn, J.; Crowther, A.; Douka, K.; Dubernet, S.; Faulkner, P.; Fernández-Colón, P.; Kourampas, N.; González García, J.; Larreina, D.; Le Bourdonnec, F.-X.; MacLeod, G.; Martín-Francés, L.; Massilani, D.; Mercader, J.; Miller, J. M.; Ndiema, E.; Notario, B.; Pitarch Martí, A.; Prendergast, M. E.; Queffelec, A.; Rigaud, S.; Roberts, P.; Shoaee, M. J.; Shipton, C.; Simpson, I.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. D.: Earliest known human burial in Africa. Nature 593 (7857), pp. 95 - 100 (2021)
Journal Article
Miller, J. M.; Keller, H. M.; Heckel, C.; Kaliba, P. M.; Thompson, J. C.: Approaches to land snail shell bead manufacture in the Early Holocene of Malawi. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (3), 37 (2021)
Journal Article
Miller, J.; Werner, J. J.; Biittner, K. M.; Willoughby, P. R.: Fourteen years of archaeological and heritage research in the Iringa Region, Tanzania. African Archaeological Review, s10437-020-09383-w (2020)
Journal Article
Miller, J. M.; Sawchuk, E. A.: Ostrich eggshell bead diameter in the Holocene: regional variation with the spread of herding in eastern and southern Africa. PLoS One 14 (11), 0225143, pp. 1 - 19 (2019)
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