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Ingman, T.; Eisenmann, S.; Skourtanioti, E.; Akar, M.; Ilgner, J.; Gnecchi Ruscone, G. A.; le Roux, P.; Shafiq, R.; Neumann, G. U.; Keller, M. et al.; Freund, C.; Marzo, S.; Lucas, M.; Krause, J.; Roberts, P.; Yener, K. A.; Stockhammer, P. W.: Human mobility at Tell Atchana (Alalakh), Hatay, Turkey during the 2nd millennium BC: integration of isotopic and genomic evidence. PLoS One 16 (6), 0241883, p. e0241883 (2021)
Journal Article
Scott, A.; Power, R. C.; Altmann-Wendling, V.; Artzy, M.; Martin, M. A. S.; Eisenmann, S.; Hagan, R.; Salazar-García, D. C.; Salmon, Y.; Yegorov, D. et al.; Milevski, I.; Finkelstein, I.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Warinner, C.: Exotic foods reveal contact between South Asia and the Near East during the second millennium BCE. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 202014956 (2020)
Journal Article
Skourtanioti, E.; Erdal, Y. S.; Frangipane, M.; Balossi Restelli, F.; Yener, K. A.; Pinnock, F.; Matthiae, P.; Özbal, R.; Schoop, U.-D.; Guliyev, F. et al.; Akhundov, T.; Lyonnet, B.; Hammer, E. L.; Nugent, S. E.; Burri, M.; Neumann, G. U.; Penske, S. E.; Ingman, T.; Akar, M.; Shafiq, R.; Palumbi, G.; Eisenmann, S.; D’Andrea, M.; Rohrlach, A. B.; Warinner, C.; Jeong, C.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Haak, W.; Krause, J.: Genomic history of Neolithic to Bronze Age Anatolia, Northern Levant, and Southern Caucasus. Cell 181 (5), pp. 1158 - 1175.e28 (2020)
Journal Article
Eisenmann, S.; Bánffy, E.; van Dommelen, P.; Hofmann, K. P.; Maran, J.; Lazaridis, I.; Mittnik, A.; McCormick, M.; Krause, J.; Reich, D. et al.; Stockhammer, P. W.: Reconciling material cultures in archaeology with genetic data: The nomenclature of clusters emerging from archaeogenomic analysis. Scientific Reports 8, 13003 (2018)
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