Publications of Chiara Barbieri

Journal Article (25)

Journal Article
Barbieri, C.; Butthof, A.; Bostoen, K.; Pakendorf, B.: Genetic perspectives on the origin of clicks in Bantu languages from southwestern Zambia. European journal of human genetics 21 (4), pp. 430 - 436 (2013)
Journal Article
Barbieri, C.; Whitten, M.; Beyer, K.; Schreiber, H.; Li, M.; Pakendorf, B.: Contrasting maternal and paternal histories in the linguistic context of Burkina Faso. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29 (4), pp. 1213 - 1223 (2012)
Journal Article
Pickrell, J.K.; Patterson, N.; Barbieri, C.; Berthold, F.; Gerlach, L.; Güldemann, T.; Kure, B.; Mpoloka, S.W.; Nakagawa, H.; Naumann, C. et al.; Lipson, M.; Loh, P.-R.; Lachance, J.; Mountain, J.; Bustamante, C.D.; Berger, B.; Tishkoff, S.A.; Henn, B.M.; Stoneking, M.; Reich, D.; Pakendorf, B.: The genetic prehistory of southern Africa. Nature Communications 3, 1143 (2012)
Journal Article
Barbieri, C.; Heggarty, P.; Castrì, L.; Luiselli, D.; Pettener, D.: Mitochondrial DNA variability in the Titicaca basin: Matches and mismatches with linguistics and ethnohistory. The American Journal of Human Genetics 23 (1), pp. 89 - 99 (2011)
Journal Article
De Filippo, C.; Barbieri, C.; Whitten, M.; Mpoloka, S.W.; Gunnarsdóttir, E.D.; Bostoen, K.; Nyambe, T.; Beyer, K.; Schreiber, H.; De Knijff, P. et al.; Luiselli, D.; Stoneking, M.; Pakendorf, B.: Y-chromosomal variation in sub-Saharan Africa: Insights into the history of Niger-Congo groups. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (3), pp. 1255 - 1269 (2011)

Book (1)

Urban, M.; Barbieri, C.; Robbeets, M.; Dupre, G.: Advances in Functional Linguistics. Scientific Research Books, [Irvine] (2022), 294 pp.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Barbieri, C.: Genetic exchanges in the highland/ lowland transitional environments of South America. In: Rethinking the Andes–Amazonia Divide: a cross-disciplinary exploration, 3.3, pp. 152 - 163 (Eds. Pearce, A. J.; Beresford-Jones, D. G.; Heggarty, P.). UCL Press, London (2020)
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