Publications of Martine Robbeets

Conference Report (1)

Conference Report
Robbeets, M.: Conference report of “The International Conference on the Language(s) of Koguryo and the reconstruction of Old Korean and Neighboring Languages” September 23-24, 2005 Center of Korean Studies at Universität Hamburg. Journal of Inner and East Asian Studies 2 (2), pp. 209 - 216 (2005)

Working Paper (4)

Working Paper
Fernandes, R.; Hudson, M.; Takamiya, H.; Bassino, J.-P.; Uchiyama, J.; Robbeets, M.: The ARCHIPELAGO Archaeological Isotope Database for the Japanese Islands. Journal of open archaeology data 9 (3), joad.73 (2021), 10 pp.
Working Paper
Jeong, C.; Balanovsky, O.; Lukianova, E.; Kahbatkyzy, N.; Flegontov, P.; Zaporozhchenko, V.; Immel, A.; Wang, C.-C.; Ixan, O.; Khussainova, E. et al.; Bekmanov, B.; Zaibert, V.; Lavryashina, M.; Pocheshkhova, E.; Yusupov, Y.; Agdzhoyan, A.; Sergey, K.; Bukin, A.; Nymadawa, P.; Churnosov, M.; Skhalyakho, R.; Daragan, D.; Bogunov, Y.; Bogunova, A.; Shtrunov, A.; Dubova, N.; Zhabagin, M.; Yepiskoposyan, L.; Churakov, V.; Pislegin, N.; Damba, L.; Saroyants, L.; Dibirova, K.; Artamentova, L.; Utevska, O.; Idrisov, E.; Kamenshchikova, E.; Evseeva, I.; Metspalu, M.; Robbeets, M.; Djansugurova, L.; Balanovska, E.; Schiffels, S.; Haak, W.; Reich, D.; Krause, J.: Characterizing the genetic history of admixture across inner Eurasia. bioRxiv, 327122 (2018)
Working Paper
Bouckaert, R. R.; Robbeets, M.: Pseudo Dollo models for the evolution of binary characters along a tree. bioRxiv, 207571 (2017), 12 pp.
Working Paper
Robbeets, M.: Swadesh 100 on Japanese, Korean and Altaic. Tokyo University Linguistic Papers (TULIP) 23 pp. 99 - 118 (2004), 20 pp.

Report (1)

Ning, C.; Wang, C.-C.; Gao, S.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Wu, X.; Zhang, F.; Nie, Z.; Tang, Y.; Robbeets, M. et al.; Ma, J.; Krause, J.; Cui, Y.: Ancient Genomes Reveal Yamnaya-Related Ancestry and a Potential Source of Indo-European Speakers in Iron Age Tianshan (Current Biology, 29/15). (2019), 12 pp.

Other (1)

Ma, P.; Yang, X.; Yan, S.; Li, C.; Gao, S.; Han, B.; Hou, K.; Robbeets, M.; Wei, L.-H.; Cui, Y.: Ancient Y-DNA with reconstructed phylogeny provides insights into the demographic history of paternal haplogroup N1a2-F1360, Journal of Genetics and Genomics 48, pp. 1130 - 1133 (2021)

Book Review (5)

Book Review
Robbeets, M.: Andrej L. Malchukov and Lindsay J. Whaley (eds.), Recent advances in Tungusic linguistics (Turcologica 89). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2012. vi + 277 pages, ISBN 978-3-447-06532-0, EUR 68. [Book Review]. Linguistic Typology 18 (1), pp. 161 - 169 (2014)
Book Review
Robbeets, M.: Review of András Róna-Tas & Árpád Berta † (eds.), West Old Turkic. Turkic Loanwords in Hungarian. (Turcologica 84.) Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011. 1494 pages, xx black-white illustrations. 24 x 17 cm., linen book cover. ISSN 0177-4743, ISBN 978-3-447-06260-2 [Book Review]. Turkic Languages 16 (2), pp. 265 - 293 (2012)
Book Review
Robbeets, M.: Bjarke Frellesvig & John Whitman (eds.), Proto-Japanese: Issues and Prospects. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2008 [Book Review]. Journal of Language Relationship 2, pp. 144 - 150 (2009)
Book Review
Robbeets, M.: Review of Veronika Veit (ed.) (2007). The role of women in the Altaic World. Permanent International Altaistic Conference 44th Meeting, Walberberg, 26.-31. August 2001 (Asiatische Forschungen 152). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. Turkic Languages 13 (1), pp. 144 - 150 (2009)
Book Review
Robbeets, M.: Review of Boikova, Elena V. & Rybakov, Rostislav B. (2006). Kinship in the Altaic world. Proceedings of the 48th PIAC, Moscow 10-15 July, 2005 (Asiatische Forschungen 150). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. Turkic Languages 11 (2), pp. 284 - 291 (2007)
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