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Journal Article
Tang, L.; Lu, H.; Chen, X.; Xu, H.; Boivin, N.; Storozum, M.; Yang, F.; Li, S.; Liu, X.; Spengler, R. N.: Prehistoric agricultural decision making in the western Himalayas: ecological and social variables. Antiquity, 2022.80 (2022)
Journal Article
Ritchey, M. M.; Sun, Y.; Matuzeviciute, G. M.; Shoda, S.; Pokharia, A. K.; Spate, M.; Tang, L.; Song, J.; Li, H.; Dong, G. et al.; Vaiglova, P.; Frachetti, M.; Liu, X.: The wind that shakes the barley: the role of East Asian cuisines on barley grain size. World archaeology 0 (0), 2022.2030792, pp. 1 - 18 (2022)
Journal Article
Lu, H.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Z.; Tang, L.; Lemoine, X.; Wangdue, S.; Chen, Z.; Liu, X.; Frachetti, M. D.: Early agropastoral settlement and cultural change in central Tibet in the first millennium BC: excavations at Bangga. Antiquity 95 (382), 185, pp. 955 - 972 (2021)
Journal Article
Spengler, R. N.; Tang, L.; Nayak, A.; Boivin, N.; Olivieri, L. M.: The southern Central Asian mountains as an ancient agricultural mixing zone: new archaeobotanical data from Barikot in the Swat valley of Pakistan. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 30, s00334-020-00798-8, pp. 463 - 476 (2021)
Journal Article
Song, J.; Gao, Y.; Tang, L.; Zhang, Z.; Hayashi Tang, M.; Xu, H.; Wangyal, T.; Yuan, H.; Li, L.; Li, Y. et al.; Wangdue, S.; Liu, X.; Lu, H.: Farming and multi-resource subsistence in the third and second millennium BC: archaeobotanical evidence from Karuo. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (3), 47 (2021)
Journal Article
Spengler, R. N.; Stark, S.; Zhou, X.; Fuks, D.; Tang, L.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Bjørn, R.; Jiang, H.; Olivieri, L. M.; Begmatov, A. et al.; Boivin, N.: A journey to the west: the ancient dispersal of rice out of East Asia. Rice 14 (1), 83 (2021)
Journal Article
Tang, L.; Lu, H.; Song, J.; Wangdue, S.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, X.; Boivin, N.; Spengler, R. N.: The transition to a barley-dominant cultivation system in Tibet: First millennium BC archaeobotanical evidence from Bangga. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 61, 101242 (2021)
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