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Faulkner, P.; Sarathi, A.; Crowther, A.; Smith, T.; Harris, M.; Ali, A. K.; Haji, O.; LaViolette, A.; Norman, N. L.; Horton, M. et al.; Boivin, N.: Human-ecodynamics and the intertidal zones of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Frontiers in Earth Science 10, 982694 (2022)
Rick, T.; Alsharekh, A. M.; Braje, T. J.; Crowther, A.; Erlandson, J. M.; Fuller, D. Q.; Gill, K. M.; Groucutt, H. S.; Guagnin, M.; Helm, R. et al.; Hofman, C. A.; Horton, M.; Kay, A.; Korisettar, R.; Radimilahy, C.; Reeder-Myers, L.; Shipton, C.; Wright, H. T.; Petraglia, M.; Boivin, N.: Coring, profiling, and trenching: archaeological field strategies for investigating the Pleistocene-Holocene-Anthropocene continuum. Quaternary International 628, 2022.02.011, S. 1 - 17 (2022)
Kotarba-Morley, A. M.; Kourampas, N.; Morley, M. W.; MacAdams, C.; Crowther, A.; Faulkner, P.; Horton, M.; Boivin, N. L.: Coastal landscape changes at Unguja Ukuu, Zanzibar: contextualizing the archaeology of an early Islamic port of trade. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, 2030441, S. 1 - 35 (2022)
Wilkin, S.; Ventresca Miller, A.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Miller, B. K.; Hagan, R.; Bleasdale, M.; Scott, A.; Gankhuyg, S.; Ramsøe, A.; Uliziibayar, S. et al.; Trachsel, C.; Nanni, P.; Grossmann, J.; Orlando, L.; Horton, M.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Myagmar, E.; Boivin, N.; Warinner, C.; Hendy, J.: Dairy pastoralism sustained eastern Eurasian steppe populations for 5,000 years. Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (3), S. 346 - 355 (2020)
Horton, M.; Boivin, N. L.; Crowther, A.: Eastern Africa and the early Indian Ocean: understanding mobility in a globalising world. Journal of Egyptian History 13 (1-2), 18741665-12340063, S. 380 - 408 (2020)
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