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Picin, A.; Wedage, O.; Blinkhorn, J.; Amano, N.; Deraniyagala, S.; Boivin, N.; Roberts, P.; Petraglia, M.: Homo sapiens lithic technology and microlithization in the South Asian rainforest at Kitulgala Beli-lena (c. 45 – 8,000 years ago). PLoS One 17 (10), e0273450 (2022)
Goldstein, S. T.; Crowther, A.; Henry, E. R.; Janzen, A.; Katongo, M.; Brown, S.; Farr, J.; Le Moyne, C.; Picin, A.; Richter, K. K. et al.; Boivin, N. L.: Revisiting Kalundu Mound, Zambia: implications for the timing of social and subsistence transitions in Iron Age Southern Africa. African Archaeological Review 38, s10437-021-09440-y, S. 625 - 655 (2021)
Vanwezer, N.; Breitenbach, S. F.M.; Gázquez, F.; Louys, J.; Kononov, A.; Sokol'nikov, D.; Erdenedalai, A.; Burguet-Coca, A.; Picin, A.; Cueva-Temprana, A. et al.; Sánchez-Martínez, J.; Taylor, W.; Boivin, N.; Jamsranjav, B.; Petraglia, M. D.: Archaeological and environmental cave records in the Gobi-Altai Mountains, Mongolia. Quaternary International 586, 010, S. 66 - 89 (2021)
Wedage, O.; Roberts, P.; Faulkner, P.; Crowther, A.; Douka, K.; Picin, A.; Blinkhorn, J.; Deraniyagala, S.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. et al.; Amano, N.: Late pleistocene to early-Holocene rainforest foraging in Sri Lanka: multidisciplinary analysis at Kitulgala Beli-lena. Quaternary Science Reviews 231, 106200, S. 1 - 19 (2020)
Taylor, W. T. T.; Clark, J.; Bayarsaikhan, J.; Tuvshinjargal, T.; Jobe, J. T.; Fitzhugh, W.; Kortum, R.; Spengler, R. N.; Shnaider, S.; Seersholm, F. V. et al.; Hart, I.; Case, N.; Wilkin, S.; Hendy, J.; Thüring, U.; Miller, B.; Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Picin, A.; Vanwezer, N.; Irmer, F.; Brown, S.; Abdykanova, A.; Shultz, D. R.; Pham, V.; Bunce, M.; Douka, K.; Jones, E. L.; Boivin, N.: Early pastoral economies and herding transitions in Eastern Eurasia. Scientific Reports 10, 1001 (2020)
Wedage, O.; Picin, A.; Blinkhorn, J.; Douka, K.; Deraniyagala, S.; Kourampas, N.; Perera, N.; Simpson, I.; Boivin, N. L.; Petraglia, M. D. et al.; Roberts, P.: Microliths in the South Asian rainforest ~45-4 ka: New insights from Fa-Hien Lena Cave, Sri Lanka. PLoS One 14 (10), S. 1 - 36 (2019)
Wedage, O.; Amano, N.; Langley, M. C.; Douka, K.; Blinkhorn, J.; Crowther, A.; Deraniyagala, S.; Kourampas, N.; Simpson, I.; Perera, N. et al.; Picin, A.; Boivin, N. L.; Petraglia, M. D.; Roberts, P.: Specialized rainforest hunting by Homo sapiens ~45,000 years ago. Nature Communications 10, 739 (2019)
Picin, A.: Technological adaptation and the emergence of Levallois in Central Europe: new insight from the Markkleeberg and Zwochau open-air sites in Germany. Journal of Quaternary Science 33 (3), S. 300 - 312 (2017)
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