Publications of Simon J. Greenhill

Book Chapter (7)

Book Chapter
Greenhill, S. J.: Demographic correlates of language diversity. In: The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics, pp. 557 - 578. Routledge, Amsterdam (2014)
Book Chapter
Bulbulia, J.; Atkinson, Q. D.; Gray, R. D.; Greenhill, S. J.: Why do religious cultures evolve slowly? The cultural evolution of cooperative calling and the historical study of religions. In: Mind, morality and magic: cognitive science approaches in biblical studies, pp. 197 - 212 (Eds. Czachesz, I.; Uro, R.). Acumen, Durham (2013)
Book Chapter
Gray, R. D.; Greenhill, S. J.; Atkinson, Q. D.: Phylogenetic models of language change: three new questions. In: Cultural evolution: Society, technology, language, and religion. Strüngmann Forum Reports, vol. 12, pp. 285 - 302 (Eds. Richerson, P. J.; Christiansen, M. H.). MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass (2013)
Book Chapter
Greenhill, S. J.; Gray, R. D.: Austronesian language phylogenies: myths and misconceptions about Bayesian computational methods. In: Austronesian historical linguistics and culture history: A festschrift for Robert Blust, Pacific linguistics, Canberra Australia, pp. 375 - 398 (Eds. Adelaar , A.; Pawley, A.). Pacific Linguistics, Canberra (2009)
Book Chapter
Greenhill, S. J.; Gray, R. D.: Testing population dispersal hypotheses: Pacific settlement, phylogenetic trees, and Austronesian languages. In: The evolution of cultural diversity: a phylogenetic approach, pp. 31 - 52 (Eds. Mace, R.; Holden, C. J.; Shennan, S.). UCL Press, London (2005)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Shcherbakova, O.; Skigard, H.; Greenhill, S. J.: Phylogenetic exploration of language complexity in Austronesian, Bantu and Indoeuropean language families. In: The evolution of language: proceedings of the 13th International Conference (Evolang 13), pp. 411 - 413 (Eds. Ravignani, A.; Barbieri, C.; Flaherty, M.; Jadoul, Y.; Lattenkamp, E. et al.). Evolution of Language International Conference (Evolang XIII) [cancelled due to Corona]. The Evolution of Language Conferences, Nijmegen (2020)

Preprint (1)

Coelho, M. T. P.; Haynie, H. J.; Bowern, C.; Colwell, R. K.; Greenhill, S. J.; Kirby, K.; Rangel, T. F.; Gavin, M. C.: Demographic shifts, inter-group contact, and environmental conditions drive language extinction and diversification. (2021)
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