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Book Chapter
Güldemann, T.; Fehn, A.-M.: The Kalahari Basin area as a “Sprachbund” before the Bantu expansion. In: The Cambridge handbook of areal linguistics, pp. 500 - 526 (Ed. Hickey, R.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2017)
Book Chapter
Güldemann, T.: Phonological regularities of consonant systems in genetic lineages of Khoisan. In: Lone Tree scholarship in the service of the Koon: essays in memory of Anthony T Traill, pp. 159 - 207 (Eds. Voßen, R.; Haake, W. H. G.). Rüdiger Köppe, Köln (2016)

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Güldemann, T.; Nakagawa, H. (Eds.): Kalahari Basin sound structure - in memory of Anthony T. Traill (1939-2007) (Special issue). Africana Linguistica 24 (2018), 159 pp.
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