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Mundorff, A.Z.; Kiley, S.; Latham, K.E.; Haak, W.; Gilson, T.: Individualizing unidentified skeletal remains: A differential diagnosis combining pathological changes and biomolecular testing. Journal of Forensic Identification 63 (6), S. 617 - 632 (2013)
Templeton, J. E. L.; Brotherton, P. M.; Llamas, B.; Soubrier, J.; Haak, W.; Cooper, A.; Austin, J. J.: DNA capture and next-generation sequencing can recover whole mitochondrial genomes from highly degraded samples for human identification. Investigative Genetics 4 (1), S. 26 - 26 (2013)
Martinez-Cruz, B.; Harmant, C.; Platt, D. E.; Haak, W.; Manry, J.; Ramos-Luis, E.; Soria-Hernanz, D. F.; Bauduer, F.; Salaberria, J.; Oyharcabal, B. et al.; Quintana-Murci, L.; Comas, D.: Evidence of pre-Roman tribal genetic structure in Basques from uniparentally inherited markers. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29 (9), S. 2211 - 2222 (2012)
Behar, D. M.; Harmant, C.; Manry, J.; van Oven, M.; Haak, W.; Martinez-Cruz, B.; Salaberria, J.; Oyharcabal, B.; Bauduer, F.; Comas, D. et al.; Quintana-Murci, L.: The Basque paradigm: Genetic evidence of a maternal continuity in the Franco-Cantabrian region since Pre-Neolithic times. The American Journal of Human Genetics 90 (3), S. 486 - 493 (2012)
Fehren-Schmitz, L.; Llamas, B.; Tomastoe, E.; Haak, W.: Ancient DNA and the early population history of western South America: what have we learned so far and where do we go from here? Boletín de Arqueología PUCP 2011 (15), S. 17 - 24 (2012)
Balanovsky, O.; Dibirova, K.; Dybo, A.; Mudrak, O.; Frolova, S.; Pocheshkhova, E.; Haber, M.; Platt, D.; Schurr, T.; Haak, W. et al.; Kuznetsova, M.; Radzhabov, M.; Balaganskaya, O.; Romanov, A.; Zakharova, T.; Soria Hernanz, D. F.; Zalloua, P.; Koshel, S.; Ruhlen, M.; Renfrew, C.; Wells, R. S.; Tyler-Smith, C.; Balanovska, E.: Parallel evolution of genes and languages in the Caucasus region. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (10), S. 2905 - 2920 (2011)
Adler, C.; Haak, W.; Donlon, D.; Cooper, A.: Survival and recovery of DNA from ancient teeth and bones. Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (5), S. 956 - 964 (2011)
Haak, W.; Balanovsky, O.; Sanchez, J. J.; Koshel, S.; Zaporozhchenko, V.; Adler, C. J.; Sarkissian, C. S. I. D.; Brandt, G.; Schwarz, C.; Nicklisch, N. et al.; Dresely, V.; Fritsch, B.; Balanovska, E.; Villems, R.; Meller, H.; Alt, K. W.; Cooper, A.: Ancient DNA from European early Neolithic farmers reveals their Near Eastern affinities. PLoS Biology 8 (11), e1000536 (2010)
Haak, W.; Brandt, G.; Meyer, C.; De Jong, H.N.; Ganslmeier, R.; Pike, A.W.G.; Meller, H.; Alt, K.W.: Die schnurkeramischen Familiengräber von Eulau – ein außergewöhnlicher Fund und seine interdisziplinäre Bewertung. Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle (Saale) 04, S. 80 - 89 (2010)
Bramanti, B.; Thomas, M. G.; Haak, W.; Unterlaender, M.; Jores, P.; Tambets, K.; Antanaitis-Jacobs, I.; Haidle, M. N.; Jankauskas, R.; Kind, C. -. et al.; Lueth, F.; Terberger, T.; Hiller, J.; Matsumura, S.; Forster, P.; Burger, J.: Genetic discontinuity between local hunter-gatherers and central Europe's first farmers. Science 326 (5949), S. 137 - 140 (2009)
Meyer, C.; Brandt, G.; Haak, W.; Ganslmeier, R.A.; Meller, H.; Alt, K.W.: The Eulau eulogy: Bioarchaeological interpretation of lethal violence in Corded Ware multiple burials from Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 28 (4), S. 412 - 423 (2009)
Haak, W.; Brandt, G.; Jong de, H.; Meyer, C.; Ganslmeier, R.; Heyd, V.; Hawkesworth, C.; Pike, A.; Meller, H.; Alt, K.: Ancient DNA, strontium isotopes, and osteological analyses shed light on social and kinship organization of the later Stone Age. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105 (47), S. 18226 - 18231 (2008)
Donlon, D.; Casey, M.; Haak, W.; Adler, C.: Early colonial burial practices for perinates at the Parramatta convict hospital, NSW. Australasian Historical Archaeology 26, S. 71 - 84 (2008)
Burger, J.; Kirchner, M.; Bramanti, B.; Haak, W.; Thomas, M.G.: Absence of the lactase-persistence-associated allele in early Neolithic Europeans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104 (10), S. 3736 - 3741 (2007)
Burger, J.; Gronenborn, D.; Forster, P.; Matsumura, S.; Bramanti, B.; Haak, W.: Response to comment on "Ancient DNA from the first European farmers in 7500-year-old Neolithic sites". Science 312 (5782), S. 1875 - 1876 (2006)
Haak, W.; Gronenborn, D.; Dresely, V.; Alt, K. W.: Populationsdynamik und Kulturwandel im mitteldeutschen Neolithikum. Natur & Geist Das Forschungsmagazin der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 22 (2), S. 29 - 33 (2006)
Haak, W.; Forster, P.; Bramanti, B.; Matsumura, S.; Brandt, G.; Tanzer, M.; Villems, R.; Renfrew, C.; Gronenborn, D.; Alt, K. et al.; Burger, J.: Ancient DNA from the first European farmers in 7500-year-old Neolithic sites. Science 310 (5750), S. 1016 - 1018 (2005)
Haak, W.; Gruber, P.; Ruhli, F.; Boni, T.; Ulrich-Bochsler, S.; Frauendorf, E.; Burger, J.; Alt, K.: Molecular evidence of HLA-B27 in a historical case of ankylosing spondylitis. Arthritis and Rheumatism 52 (10), S. 3318 - 3319 (2005)
Haak, W.; Burger, J.; Alt, K. W.: ABO genotyping by PCR-RFLP and cloning and sequencing. Anthropologischer Anzeiger 62 (4), S. 397 - 410 (2004)

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Belinskiy, A.B.; Hansen, S.; Haak, W.; Wang, C. C.; Reinhold, S.; Kalmykov, A.; Krause, J.; Berezina, N.; Buzhilova, A.; Knipper, C. et al.; Gerling, C.; Pichler, S.; Alt, K.W.; Erlikh, V.R.; Kantorovich, A.R.; Maslov, V.E.; Trifonov, V.A.; Rezepkin, A.D.; Atabiev, B.C.; Magomedov, R.G.; Kohl, P.: New approaches in Bioarcheology of the north caucasus: 5 years bioarccaucasus & genetic history of the caucasus ; first results, surprises and implications. In: Archaeological heritage of the Caucasus: Topical Problems of Study and Preservation; The XXXist Kurpnov's readings, S. 165 - 166 (Hg. Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography Daghestan Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Agency for Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Daghestan; Research and Production Center for Tourism and Local History; Research and Production Center “DARS”). Makhachkala Publishing House, Mavraev (2020)
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