Carli Peters

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

Carli is a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. Her research aims to gain a better understanding of the spatio-temporal distribution of extinct megafaunal species in Australia by improving identification rates of fossil fauna at Late Pleistocene Australian sites using ZooMS (Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry). 

Curriculum Vitae

Carli received both her BA in Archaeology (2016) and RMSc in Bioarchaeology (2018) from Leiden University. Her RMSc research focused on the reconstruction of the site formation history of the Middle Pleistocene site Schöningen 13II-4 by means of spatial analysis, spatial statistics and orientation analyses of faunal remains.


Peters, C., K.K. Richter, J.C. Svenning, and N. Boivin (2022). Leveraging palaeoproteomics to address conservation and restoration agendas. iScience 25, 104195.

Peters, C., K.K. Richter, T. Manne, J. Dortch, A. Paterson, K. Travouillon, J. Louys, G.J. Price, M. Petraglia, A. Crowther, and N. Boivin (2021). Species identification of Australian marsupials using collagen fingerprinting. Royal Society Open Science 8, 211229.

Peters, C. and T. van Kolfschoten (2020). The site formation history of Schoningen 13II-4 (Germany): Testing different models of site formation by means of spatial analysis, spatial statistics and orientation analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 114, 105067.

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