Equal opportunities officer

The gender equality officer Annemarie Verkerk is the contact person for all institute employees with questions on combining professional and family life and equality in the work environment in general.

Annemarie Verkerk
Annemarie Verkerk
Phone:+49 3641 686-829

Room 123

Family life at the MPI SSH

At the MPI SHH, we do our best to help you combine your professional life and your family life.

  • Flexible working hours and option for part-time working
  • Support of parental leave and when returning to work
  • Cooperation with bme Familienservice

We are still a relatively young institute, so many aspects of this undertaking are currently being explored. For instance, the institute is currently investigating the possibility of childcare places.

The Max Planck Society has been awarded a certificate by berufundfamilie Service GmbH in 2006, acknowledging its policy to find family-friendly solutions to personnel management. If you would like to read more about measures the MPG has taken to help people combine work and their family life, please have a look at the document "Massnahmen zu Beruf und Familie" (German only). It also contains people within the MPG that Annemarie could contact on your behalf, in case you need further information.

Since July 2017 the MPG had started a pilot program to subsidize childcare for small babies between 3 and 12 months. This program is aimed at PhD students and post-docs. Some more information about this program can be found in in the flyer "Successful Research at Max Planck - also with a baby" and in the already mentioned document "Massnahmen zu Beruf und Familie" (German only).


Below we list some links that may be helpful when exploring opportunities for partner’s work, parental leave, and childcare:


Company than promotes science and other high-qualification jobs in Jena. They have some info on dual careers here:


http://www.familienzentrum-jena.de (German only)

Organisation that aims to improve family life in Jena, they also organise courses for parents and young babies and playgroups for toddlers.

In Jena, information on childcare facilities is maintained by the council, with information on who to contact regarding Kindertagespflege (daycare) found here: http://www.jena.de/de/stadt_verwaltung/stadtverwaltung/dezernat4/fd_jugend_bildung/team_kindertagesbetreuung_kita/316209

Information on how the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena supports families is found here:


The FSU Jena also organises a flexible childcare facility on the Uni-Campus, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5. This can be used by MPI members under a ‘guest’ rate.


The Neue Mitte shopping centre (in the Jentower, 2nd floor) offers flexible childcare as well. It is located inside INJOY Lady fitness, but it is not limited to people who do fitness there. Cost is 2 euro per hour.


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