"Adventures in Archaeological Science" - Coloring Book travels the world

The "Adventures in Archaeological Science" Coloring Book has been translated into over a dozen languages (with more on the way) and has been distributed to collaborators and friends in countries far and wide, from Mongolia to Mexico.

April 03, 2018

The "Adventures in Archaeological Science" Coloring Book, originally created as part of a digital illustration workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and unveiled at the Long Night of Sciences in Jena in 2017, has now been translated into over a dozen languages.

As MPI-SHH researchers travel to different parts of the world, they are taking the Coloring Book with them, in the relevant languages, to distribute to collaborators, research participants and other interested members of the public. Everyone has been very excited by this fun and accessible explanation of archaeological science!

All finished translations are available for free download at the official Adventures in Archaeological Science Coloring Book website. You can also receive updates about new versions by following the Coloring Book on Facebook and Twitter.

The languages currently available are:

Arabic / العَرَبِيَّة‎                  

Chinese / 中文               

Dutch / Nederlands


German / Deutsch

Greek / Ελληνικά

Italian / Italiano               

Mongolian / монгол хэл

Nahuatl / Nāhuatl                          

Spanish / Español

Turkish / Türkçe              

Yucatec Mayan / Màaya t'àan

Arrangements are being made for hardcopy versions of the Coloring Book to be available for order online – check back here for updates!

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