News 2021

Dogs Tell the Difference between Intentional and Unintentional Action
A study published in Scientific Reports compared dogs’ spontaneous reactions to intentional and unintentional human behavior and found that dogs reacted differently depending on the condition more
NoRaRe: A Multilingual Database of Word and Concept Properties
A new study in Behavior Research Methods by a team of researchers in Germany presents the Database of Cross-Linguistic Norms, Ratings, and Relations for Words and Concepts (NoRaRe), an openly curated resource for interdisciplinary studies with data from psychology and linguistics more
The Evolution of Lactase Persistence in Sudan and South Sudan
Scientists show that evolution of the ability to digest milk in Sudanese populations has been shaped by complex interactions of gene-flow and selection more
Linguists Predict Unknown Words Using Language Comparison
A new linguistic experiment uses computer-assisted techniques for historical language comparison to show how scholars can predict pronunciations of undocumented words more
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