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Alle Veranstaltungen 2018

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

14435 1529572377

Distinguished Lecture von Joe Salmons: "When People Move, Languages Change: The Origins of German, and of its Speakers"

One of many ways in which language can inform us of the past is through an exploration of which kinds of structural changes in language correlate with which kinds of population movements and contacts. This talk presents case studies through the long history and dialectal diversity of German, from prehistory to the present-day. Defining stages include the Migration Period and the mediaeval expansion into what is now eastern Germany, which was once Slavic-speaking. Different linguistic effects can help diagnose whether there was an abrupt shift from one language to another, or an extended period of contact and broad bilingualism, or where contacts were among speakers of closely related dialects, rather than clearly distinct languages. [mehr]

14437 1529566935

Abteilungsübergreifendes Work-in-Progress Seminar

Vortragende beim nächsten "Work-in-Progress"-Seminar sind: Marieke van de Loosdrecht (DAG), Juliane Bräuer (DLCE) and Jessica Hendy (DA). [mehr]

Heirloom Microbes Workshop

14109 1526453674

Cross-Departmental Work-in-Progress Seminar

Vortragende beim nächsten abteilungsübergreifenden "Work-in-Progress"-Seminar sind: Betsy Nelson (DAG), Anne-Marie Fehn (DLCE) und Steven Goldstein (DA). [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

Heirloom Microbes Workshop

14120 1526474430

Heirloom Microbes Project: Proteomics Workshop

Proteomics Workshop - May 7-18 Participants: Linyuan Fan, Freddi Scheib, Rodrigo Barquera, Susanna Sabin, Karen Giffin, Betsy Nelson Instructors: Dr. Christina Warinner, Zandra Fagernäs, Richard Hagan, Ashley Scott, Shevan Wilkin, Maddy Bleasdale [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

13834 1526380877

Archaeology, Epigraphy, and Identity: Problems in Maya Pre/History (Archäologie, Epigraphik und Identität: Probleme in der (Früh-)Geschichte der Mayas

Organisatoren: Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause & Dr. Christina Warinner [mehr]

13655 1526453531

Cross-Departmental Work-in-Progress Seminar

Vortragende beim dritten abteilungsübergreifenden "Work-in-Progress"-Seminar sind: Felix Key (DAG), Joseph Watts (DLCE), und Robert Spengler (DA). [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

13298 1522845391

Patterns of Disease in the Roman Empire (Krankheitsbilder im Römischen Reich)


DA Vortrag

13002 1522844162

Cultural Innovations in the Middle and Later Stone Age of East Africa: Panga Ya Saïdi, Kenya - Preliminary results


Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

13249 1524211908

Distinguished Lecture by Dr. María Martinón-Torres - "The Evolution of Homo sapiens: Asian Perspectives"

Recent discoveries have prompted the necessity to reconsider the weight that Asia may have played in the evolution of modern humans. Simple and linear models to explain the origin and dispersals of H. sapiens seem to be progressively outdated by the new paleoanthropological and archaeological sites. Here I present a general overview of some key fossil samples that place modern humans outside Africa close to 100,000 years ago, increasing the time of overlap with other archaic hominins and posing new questions about the time and pattern of H. sapiens expansion into Asia. Hosts: Michael Petraglia and Nicole Boivin, Department of Archaeology [mehr]

DA Workshop

13261 1520507268

Workshop: International Applications of Archaeological Science

The Department of Archaeology at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History is hosting an intensive, invitation-only, one-week workshop for early career researchers from all over the world in a variety of archaeological science approaches that have international applicability. These include: quantitative lithics analyses, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) approaches, proteomics, ZooMS, stable isotope analysis, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, chronological methods and models, and statistical analysis. [mehr]

12954 1518607271

Cross-Departmental Work-in-Progress Seminar

The second "Work-in-Progress" seminar featuring: Richard Hagan (DAG), Hiba Babiker (DLCE), and Patrick Roberts (DA). [mehr]

12568 1516277490

Cross-Departmental Work-in-Progress Seminar

Our inaugural monthly "Work-in-Progress" seminar featuring: Paul Heggarty (DLCE), Monica Tromp (DA) and Cosimo Posth (DAG) [mehr]

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