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Tina Haaß

Kahlaische Strasse 10

07745 Jena


Tina Haaß

Tina Haaß
Tina Haaß
Department of Archaeology

Phone: +49

Main Focus

Tina is a lab technician in the stable isotope laboratory of the Department of Archaeology. Together with our team she is responsible for running and maintaining the mass spectrometers in the isotope lab (Gasbench-IRMS, EA-irMS, GC-MSD, GC-IRMS) and in the ZooMS lab (MALDI-TOF MS). Furthermore she pretreats archaeological samples for stable isotope analysis.

Curriculum Vitae

Between 2010 and 2013 Tina started her educational career with a vocational training as a technician of pharmaceutical engineering. Afterwards she received her BSc in Chemistry at the University in Jena in 2016. During her MSc in Jena she focused on analytical and physical chemistry. As part of her Master's thesis she dealt with Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy as a detection method for immunoassays. She completed her MSc in Chemistry in April 2019. 

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