Alessia Masi

Research Associate
PS&H Research Group

Main Focus

Alessia Masi is a palaeobotanist with a main focus on climate change and human impact in the Mediterranean region. 
The main topics of her research are:

  • The palynology of the Mediterranean region, in particular for the Holocene period
  • The study of plant remains from archaeological contexts;
  •  Climate trend and agricultural practice reconstruction inferred by the analysis of stable isotopes on plant remains

Curriculum Vitae

Alessia studied Science applied to Cultural Heritage and graduated at Sapienza University of Rome in 2007 (Master Degree) and at Università della Tuscia (Italy) in 2009 (Master Degree). She obtained a doctorate at Sapienza University in 2012 applying stable isotope analysis on plant remains from archeological context. She improved her skills in palynology at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) in 2014. She published more than 130 articles, book chapters, and congress abstracts. 28 articles are recorded in Scopus (H index 13), 23 in ISI web of science (H index 10).


Key publications

Masi, A., Balossi Restelli F., Sabato D., Vignola C., Sadori L., 2018. Timber exploitation during the 5th-3rd millennia BCE at Arslantepe (Malatya, Turkey): environmental constraints and cultural choices. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 10, 465-483.

Masi, A., Francke, A., Pepe, C., Thienemann, M., Wagner, B., Sadori, L., 2018. Vegetation history and palaeoclimate at Lake Dojran (FYROM/Greece) during the Late Glacial and Holocene. Climate of the Past, 14, 351–367.

Sinopoli G., Masi A., Regattieri E., Wagner B., Francke A., Sadori L., 2018. Palynology of the Last Interglacial Complex at Lake Ohrid: palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic inferences. Quaternary Science Reviews, 180, 177-192.

Vignola C., Masi A.,
Balossi Restelli F., Frangipane M., Marzaioli F., Passariello I., Rubino M.,
Terrasi F.,
Sadori L., 2018. δ
13C values in archaeological 14C-AMS dated charcoals: assessing mid-Holocene climate fluctuations and human response from a high-resolution isotope record (Arslantepe, Turkey). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 32.

Thienemann M., Masi A., Kusch S., Sadori L., John S., Francke A., Wagner B., Rethemeyer J, 2017. Organic geochemical and palynological evidence for Holocene natural and anthropogenic environmental change at Lake Dojran (Macedonia/Greece). The Holocene, 27(8), 1103-1114.

Vignola C., Masi A., Balossi Restelli F., Frangipane M., Marzaioli F., Passariello I., Stellato L., Terrasi F., Sadori L., 2017. δ13C and δ15N from 14C-AMS dated cereal grains reveal agricultural practices during 4300–2000BC at Arslantepe (Turkey). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 247, 164-174.

Arıkan B., Balossi Restelli F., Masi A., 2016. Comparative Modeling of Bronze Age Land Use in the Malatya Plain (Turkey). Quaternary Science Reviews, 136, 122-133.

Sadori L., Giraudi C., Masi A., Magny M., Ortu E., Zanchetta G., Izdebski A., 2016. Climate, environment and society in Southern Italy during the last 2000 years. A review of the environmental, historical and archaeological evidence. Quaternary Science Reviews, 136, 173-188.

Sadori L., Koutsodendris A., Panagiotopoulos K., Masi A., Bertini A., Combourieu-Nebout N., Francke A., Kouli K., Joannin S., Mercuri A.M., Peyron O., Torri P., Wagner B., Zanchetta G., Sinopoli G., Donders T.H., 2016. Pollen-based paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic change at Lake Ohrid (SE Europe) during the past 500 ka. Biogeosciences, 13, 1423–1437.

Sabato D., Masi A., Pepe C., Ucchesu M., Peña-Chocarro L., Usai A., Giachi G., Capretti C., Bacchetta G., 2015. Archaeobotanical analysis of a Bronze Age well in Sardinia: a wealth of knowledge. Plant Biosystems, 149(1), 205-215.

Sadori L., Allevato E., Bellini C., Bertacchi A., Boetto G., Di Pasquale G., Giachi G., Giardini M., Masi A., Pepe C., Russo Ermolli E., Mariotti Lippi M., 2015. Archaeobotany in Italian ancient Roman harbours. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 218, 217-230.

Sadori L., Masi A., Ricotta C., 2015. Climate driven past fires in central Sicily. Plant Biosystems, 149(1), 166-173.

Masi A., Sadori L., Balossi Restelli F., Baneschi I., Zanchetta G., 2014. Stable carbon isotope analysis as crop management indicator at Arslantepe (Malatya, Turkey) during the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 23, 751-760.

Masi A., Sadori L., Baneschi I., Siani A.M., Zanchetta G., 2013. Stable isotope analysis of archaeological oak charcoal from eastern Anatolia as a marker of mid-Holocene climate change. Plant Biology, 15 (Suppl 1), 83-92.

Masi A., Sadori L., Zanchetta G., Baneschi I., Giardini M., 2013. Climatic interpretation of carbon isotope content of Mid-Holocene archaeological charcoals from eastern Anatolia. Quaternary International, 303, 64-72.

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