Patrick Faulkner

Research Associate
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

Pat is interested in past human-environment interactions, having undertaken research across the coasts and islands of the Indo-Pacific, as well as around inland aquatic environments. He has undertaken research across the Australian tropics, as well as contributing to research projects in Papua New Guinea, eastern Africa, and more recently in Sri Lanka. He is a specialist archaeomalacologist, with his research combining detailed analyses of molluscan assemblages with biological and ecological data to understand local palaeoeconomic structures. 

Curriculum Vitae

Patrick Faulkner is currently a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Sydney (2014–), having previously held a teaching and research position (2007–2013) at the University of Queensland. He completed his PhD at the Australian National University in 2006, focused on the investigation of late-Holocene coastal economies in northeast Arnhem Land (northern Australia), a major component of which involved detailed analyses of large shell mound deposits. He has been an Affiliated Researcher with the Department of Archaeology, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, since 2017.


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Faulkner, P., Harris, M., Ali, A.K., Haji, O., Crowther, A., Horton, M.C., Boivin, N.L. 2018. Characterising marine mollusc exploitation in the eastern African Iron Age: Archaeomalacological evidence from Unguja Ukuu and Fukuchani, Zanzibar. Quaternary International 471: 66-80. 

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Kourampas, N., Shipton, C., Mills, W., Tibesasa, R., Horton, H., Horton, M., Prendergast, M., Crowther, A., Douka, K., Faulkner, P., Picornell-Gelabert, L., Boivin, N. 2015. Late Quaternary speleogenesis and landscape evolution in a tropical carbonate island: Pango la Kuumbi (Kuumbi Cave), Zanzibar. International Journal of Speleology 44(3): 293-314. 

Research Projects 

Pat has participated on several research projects with the Department of Archaeology, including: 

  • Archaeological and Palaeoecological Investigations of Makangale Cave, Pemba Island, Zanzibar
  • Archaeology of the Comoros: Tracking Human Arrivals and the Emergence of Trade Links
  • Humans at the End of South Asia
  • Panga ya Saidi Cave, Kenya
  • Sealinks Project

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