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Dr. Monica Tromp

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Dr. Monica Tromp

Dr. Monica Tromp
Dr. Monica Tromp
Department of Archaeology

Room: 010

Main Focus

Monica Tromp is a microbioarchaeologist who specializes in plant micro particle analysis. Most of her work has focused on the extraction and identification of starch granules and phytoliths from dental calculus and sediments in the Pacific. 

Currently, her main interests include:

  • The role of plants throughout human migration into and the settlement of the Pacific region
  • Arboriculture in Southeast Asia, Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific region
  • Method development for extraction of multiple data sets from dental calculus
  • Using ancient dental calculus to examine the health and migration of humans
  • Exploring environmental and dietary markers found in dental calculus

Curriculum Vitae

Monica Tromp received a BA and MSc in Anthropology from Idaho State University, USA. In 2016, she completed a PhD in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where she extracted microparticles from the dental calculus of some of the first people to colonize the remote Pacific 3,000 years ago (known as Lapita). For her postdoctoral work, Monica is expanding this research to include new regions and techniques. Her research area will expand to include Southeast Asia and Indonesia. In addition to microparticle analysis, she will include proteomic and genomic analyses to fully explore the contents of dental calculus. Monica has also been involved with aDNA research in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and trace element analyses of bones, teeth, glass, ceramics, and stone and metal tools from several regions around the world including the Pacific, the North Western USA, Alaska and the South Caucusus region. 

Current Projects

Vietnam to Vanuatu: Dental calculus and the Austronesian Expansion


Rainforest reliance in the archaeological record


Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


Kinaston, Rebecca, Anna Willis, Justina Miszkiewicz, Monica Tromp and Marc F. Oxenham. “The dentition:development, disturbances, disease, diet and chemistry.” In Identification of Pathological Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains, 3rd edition, edited by J.E. Buikstra, 749-797. London: Academic Press, Elsevier.

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