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Madeleine Bleasdale

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Madeleine Bleasdale

Madeleine Bleasdale
Madeleine Bleasdale
Department of Archaeology

Phone: +49 3641 686-739

Main Focus

Madeleine's research focuses on the application of biomolecular methods to archaeological material to explore the inception, timing and spread of dairying in ancient Africa. Her current project investigates subsistence practices using the proteomic analysis of dental calculus, stable isotopes and ceramic residue analysis. By using a multidisciplinary approach her research investigates the role of dairying in shaping the genetic, linguistic, and economic landscape of Africa in recent millennia.

Curriculum Vitae

Madeleine received her BSc in Archaeology from University College London and her MSc in Bioarchaeology from the University of York. Her MSc thesis, "The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy: A dietary reconstruction of a British post-medieval population using stable isotope analysis", explored the diet of a London population associated with a medieval hospital, military infirmary, prison and barracks.

Current ProjectThe Origins of Dairying in Ancient Africa


Bleasdale, M., Ponce, P., Radini, A., Wilson, AS., Doherty, S., Daley, P., Brown, C., Spindler, L., Sibun, L., Speller, C., Alexander, MM. 2019. Multidisciplinary investigations of the diets of two Post-Medieval populations from London using stable isotopes and microdebris analysis. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

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