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Shevan Wilkin

Kahlaische Strasse 10

07745 Jena


Shevan Wilkin

Shevan Wilkin
Shevan Wilkin
Department of Archaeology

Phone: +49 3641 686-733
Room: 010

Main Focus

Shevan Wilkin is a biological anthropologist specializing in the study human diet and behaviour using biomolecular methods. A PhD student researcher, she focuses on the origins dairying, changes in subsistence strategies, and population migrations through aDNA and proteomic analyses. Her current project includes human dental calculus samples from many sites throughout Central Asia, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. 

Other ongoing projects include method development of ancient protein research, stable isotope analysis of bone collagen and dental enamel apatite, and AMS radiocarbon dates.

Current Project: Dairying and Dietary Adaptive Evolution in Prehistoric Eurasia

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