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Elizabeth Nelson, MSc

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Elizabeth Nelson, MSc

Elizabeth Nelson, MSc
Elizabeth Nelson, MSc
Department of Archaeogenetics

Phone: +49 3641 686-670

Main Focus

Mycobacterium tuberculosis evolution and ecology, infectious disease in ancient Andean populations, population health and disease in the pre-contact and colonial Americas, and environmental, cultural and socio-political influences on pathogen emergence and evolution.

Curriculum Vitae


2015. Master of Science, Graduate School of Biomedical Science, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas

2012. Bachelor of Arts. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

Refereed Journal Publications    

2018         Posth, Cosimo et al., Reconstructing the Deep Population History of Central and South America. Cell.

2018          Verena J. Schuenemann, Aditya Kumar Lankapalli, Rodrigo Barquera, Elizabeth A. NelsonDiana Iraíz Hernández,Víctor Acuña Alonzo, Kirsten I. Bos, Lourdes Márquez Morfín, Alexander Herbig, Johannes Krause. Historic Treponema pallidum genomes from Colonial Mexico. Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases. 

2016           Bryan Hockett and Elizabeth A. Nelson. Of Ancient Econs and Modern Humans. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 


2016            Elizabeth A. Nelson, Christine L. Halling, and Jane E. Buikstra. Environmental Influences in Health of the Ray Site Community: the importance of including multiple variables when developing a thorough differential diagnosis. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Invited.


2014             Claire A. Kirchhoff and Elizabeth A. Nelson. The Human Skull. MedEd Portal:

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