Dr. Hiba Babiker

Dept. of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution

Main Focus

I am interested in human genetic diversity and patterns of migration inside Africa. My research couples fieldwork with the collection of genealogical data and biological samples. Currently, my research is dedicated to revealing the genetic structure and history of populations across the Bandiagara Escarpment in Central-Eastern Mali and populations across South-West Burkina Faso using genome-wide data and uni-parental markers. I am also interested in using recent advancement in aDNA technology to explore past populations' settlements in Central Eastern Mali before the Dogon expansion. I am working closely with linguists to generate paired linguistic-genetic data to understand modern-day linguistic and genetic diversity shaped by the demographic histories of the populations.

Curriculum Vitae

Post-doctoral fellow, Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany. (2014-2015)
Dr. rer. nat., Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology - Plön, & Christian Albrechts University - Kiel, Germany. (2011-2014)
M.Sc. Biology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. (2008-2010)

B.Sc. Cell and Molecular Biology, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (1998-2002)

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