Kathrin Nägele

Abteilung für Archäogenetik
+49 3641 686-652


The challenges tropical environments present us with are what makes it so intriguing working there. Sampling the mostly badly preserved elements in a way to maximise the yield of ancient DNA is difficult yet rewarding. Subsequent analysis can be tricky since coverage is usually suboptimal. I work mostly on individuals excavated in the Pacific and the Caribbean, both belonging to the last regions to be settled by humans and having colonial history, which leaves only a small window to study the pre-colonial genetic variation in those regions. 


I studied Biology with a focus on marine behavioural ecology in the University of Tübingen before moving on to a Master in Marine Biology (University of Rostock) and Systematics and Evolution in the University of Hamburg where I used genetic markers to study the Biogeography of land snails. 

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