Martijn Knapen

Doctoral Researcher
Archaeolinguistic Research Group
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

My areas of interest are historical comparative linguistics and the languages of Central and Northeast AsiaIn my research, I focus on prehistoric contact between the Amuric (or Nivkh) languages and the Tungusic languages. I use shared typological features and shared lexical items to reconstruct the history of interaction between these two language families and their speakers.

Curriculum Vitae

I hold a Master’s degree in Linguistic diversity and digital humanities from the University of Helsinki (2021) and a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Leiden University (2019). Previously, I have been a contributor to The Digital Pallas, a project based at the Dutch Language Institute. Currently, I am affiliated with the Archaeolinguistic Research Group as a doctoral researcher.


Knapen, Martijn. 2020. “Nivkh Fish Skin Robe”. Online exhibition.

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