Yanqing Deng

Research Associate
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

Yanqing Deng focus on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating and paleoclimate changes for the Paleolithic sites in the Loess Plateau, Northern China. The radiocarbon dating and OSL dating are applied to the sites in Shanxi Province, China for chronology determination. The paleoclimate changes in the region since the Middle and Late Pleistocene are reconstructed by using proxy indexes analysis of Magnetic susceptibility, grain size distribution, and sediment colour. Combining lithic technology, dating and paleoclimate reconstruction, how humans adapted to the Pleistocene climatic changes in the northern Chinese Loess Plateau is explored.

Curriculum Vitae

2022-2023:Joint Phd Student in MPI-SHH

2019-present: Phd Student. Lanzhou University (Lanzhou, China)

2016-2019: Master Degree, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan, China)

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