Bingcong Deng

Doctoral Researcher
Archaeolinguistic Research Group
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

I am a linguist specializing in Sino-Tibetan linguistics, with a focus on historical reconstruction. My current project investigates early contact amongst Sino-Tibetan and Transeurasian languages. The project traces loanwords as linguistic evidence, together with archaeological and genetic findings, aiming for an illustration of prehistoric Northeast Asia. 

Curriculum Vitae

I received my Master’s degree in Chinese Linguistics from Leiden University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University in Chinese Language and Literature. My work with Max Planck Institute started from 2020, involving building a database for early loanwords between Sino-Tibetan and Transeurasian. Currently, I work with the Archaeolinguistic research group as a doctoral researcher.

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