Berta Morell Rovira

Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

My research focuses on the chronology and the mobility patterns of Western Mediterranean and Central European Neolithic communities through 14C dating, 87Sr/86Sr & δ18O isotopes and Bayesian Modelling, taking special attention to the differences on grounds of sex, age and gender. Within the framework of this line of research, I am currently developing and participating in different projects on Neolithic funerary contexts from the regions of Moravia (Czech Republic/Slovakia), southwestern Germany and the NE of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Curriculum Vitae

2019-Currently: Postdoc fellow. Department of History, Art and Geography. University of Vigo.

Associate researcher. Institut für Geowissenschaften. Biogeology Laboratory. Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. 

2019: PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology. Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

2013: M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology. Autonomous University of Barcelona

2012: B.A. in History. University of Barcelona. 


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