Dr. Taylor Hermes

Department of Archaeogenetics

Main Focus

I am an anthropological archaeologist who is interested in the initial spread of domesticated bovids across the steppes and mountains of Central and Inner Asia approximately 7000-5000 years ago, in addition to the subsequent intensification and diversification of food production during the Metal Ages. I combine archaeological fieldwork, genomics, and stable isotope analyses to reveal the complex relationships between people, managed animals, and cultivated plants that shaped critical interaction spheres throughout the Eurasian steppe zone.

Curriculum Vitae

I received my PhD in Archaeological Science from Kiel University in 2019. My doctoral research focused on stable isotopic and genetic approaches to investigate foodways, social connectivity, and herding mobility in Central Asia from the Early Bronze Age to the Medieval period. Prior to my doctoral work, I received extensive training in four-field anthropology through a MA at the University of Arizona and BA at Washington University in St. Louis.


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