Ilia Chechuro, MA

Doctoral Researcher

Main Focus

I am a PhD student at the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution and a member of the CALC research group. I mainly focus on computational approaches to socio- and contact linguistics. The aim of my PhD project is to develop the methodology for quantitative assessment of linguistic convergence. In my thesis, I use wordlist data of the Caucasian languages as a proxy to the social and historical processes accompanying language change.

Curriculum Vitae


    2012 — 2016, BA in Linguistics (Diploma cum Laude), HSE University, Moscow.

    2016 — 2018, MA in Linguistics (Diploma cum Laude), HSE University, Moscow.

    2018 — 2020, PhD (аспирантура) in Linguistics, HSE University, Moscow.

    2019 — ..., PhD in Linguistics, Max-Planck Institut für Menschheitsgeschichte, Jena (DE).

Work Experience:

    2016 — 2019, Assistant Lecturer, HSE Univeristy, Moskau.

        Teaching the following courses: Introduction to Linguistics, Morphology, Linguistic Diversity, Introduction to Caucasian Studies, Old Church Slavonic, German as a Foreign Language, Linguistics for School Students (Grades 10-11), etc.

    2016 — 2019, Research Assistant, Linguistic Convergence Laboratory, HSE University, Moskau.

        Research in the following areas: Linguistic convergence in Daghestan, Intonation in regional variants of the Russian language.

    2019 — ..., PhD Student, MPI-SHH, Jena (DE).

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