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Dr. Emily Hallett

Kahlaische Strasse 10

07745 Jena


Dr. Emily Hallett

Dr. Emily Hallett
Dr. Emily Hallett
Lise Meitner Pan-African Evolution Research Group (Pan-Ev)

Phone: +49 3641 686-970

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position: Postdoctoral Scientist within Pan African Evolution Research Group

Emily Hallett received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Institute of Human Origins and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University in 2018, with a focus on Homo sapiens origins in Africa. Her area of research is in paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, and prehistoric human ecology and diet in the African Middle Stone Age. Her Ph.D. research studied the impact environmental change had on early human diet and technology in the Middle Stone Age of coastal Morocco, roughly 120,000 years ago at Contrebandiers Cave. Emily has participated in archaeological fieldwork in France, Ethiopia, Morocco, and South Africa. She received her B.A. in 2008 from the University of Washington, and her M.A. in 2010 from Arizona State University.

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