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Letícia Morgana Muller

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Letícia Morgana Muller

Letícia Morgana Muller
Letícia Morgana Muller
Department of Archaeology

Mobil: +49 1515 040-1295
55 48 991348805

Main Focus

Letícia Muller is a bioarcheologist working in the Brazilian Amazon. Her research investigates human occupations of the Amazon with a focus on adaptation and mobility. By applying scientific methodologies, such as the stable isotope analysis of human remains, with studies of material culture and funerary practices, her research explores ancient diet, health and disease in Middle/lower Xingu River.

- Bioarcheology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Ceramic Analysis, Ancient Mortuary Practices, South American Prehistoric.

Curriculum Vitae

Letícia Morgana Muller received her BSc in History from University of State of Santa Catarina (Brazil) in 2005 and her MSc in History from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) in 2008. Her MSc thesis, “About Indians and Bones: A study of three sites of ring structures built for burial by populations inhabiting the Pelotas River Valley in the pre-contact period” explored funerary practices performed by indigenous groups prior to the year 1500 AD and conducted a bioarchaeological study of human remnants cremated.

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