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Noel Amano

Noel Amano
Noel Amano
Department of Archaeology

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Main Focus

Noel Amano’s research is on the zooarchaeology of Island Southeast Asia, focusing on themes of human subsistence economy, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and taphonomy.

Curriculum Vitae

Noel Amano received a BA in Cell and Molecular Biology and an MSc in Archaeology from the University of the Philippines. In 2017, he completed a PhD in Quaternary Prehistory at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France and the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution in Tarragona, Spain. His dissertation explored Late Pleistocene to Mid-Holocene paleoenvironment and human subsistence strategies in Eastern Java, Indonesia.

He has also been involved in research projects looking at early agricultural communities in Southeast Asia, specifically the introduction/spread of domestic animals in Vietnam and the Philippines.

For his postdoctoral research, Noel will continue to look at faunal assemblages recovered from different sites in Indonesia and the Philippines to expand the understanding of human-environment and human-animal relationships in the region during the last 25,000 years.


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