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Steven Goldstein, PhD

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Steven Goldstein, PhD

Steven Goldstein, PhD

Steven Goldstein, PhD


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Main Focus

African archaeology, pastoralism, lithic technology, historical ecology and paleoclimate, experimental archaeology, 

Curriculum Vitae

Steven Goldstein received his PhD in 2017 in Anthropology from Washington University in Saint Louis, which examined the inter-relationships between lithic technologies, exchange networks, and social systems among ancient herders in southern Kenya. Steven holds an MA in Anthropology from Washington University, and a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University. His broader research has examined the spread of mobile pastoralism, pastoralist technological systems, and forager-food producer interactions across Kenya and Tanzania. He is currently directing field projects on Mt. Eburru in southern Kenya and in the Lake Turkana Basin in northern Kenya.

As a post-doctoral researcher, Steven is examining the the complex spread of people, plants, and animals across Holocene Africa.


Goldstein, S.T. and J.M. Munyiri. 2017. The Elmenteitan Obsidian Quarry (GsJj50): New perspectives on obsidian access and exchange during the Pastoral Neolithic of southern Kenya. African Archaeological Review 34(1): 43-73.

Frahm, E., Goldstein, S.T., and C.A. Tryon. 2017. Forager-fisher and pastoralist interactions along the Lake Victoria shores, Kenya: Perspectives from portable XRF of obsidian artifacts from Kansyore rock shelters. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 11: 717-742.

Goldstein, S.T. and C.M. Shaffer. 2016. Experimental and archaeological investigations of geometric microlith function among Mid-to-Late Holocene herders in southwestern Kenya. Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Issue not yet assigned.

Goldstein, S.T2014. Quantifying endscraper reduction in the context of obsidian exchange among early pastoralists in southwestern Kenya. Lithic Technology 39: 3-19. 

Organizational Unit (Department, Group, Facility):

  • Department of Archaeology
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