Dr Scott Sadowsky

Abt. für Sprach- und Kulturevolution


Phonetik, Soziolinguistik, Sprachkontakt und Korpuslinguistik, zentriert auf Mapudungun und Spanisch.


Aktuelle Projekte

Sound Comparisons: Mapudungun (MPI-SHH)

Database, exploration tools, recordings and phonetic transcriptions of nearly 40 varieties of Mapudungun (Mapuzungun, Mapuche, Chedungun) spoken in Chile and Argentina.

Traces of contact (FONDECYT-Chile)

Three-year grant to study the impact that the varied and prolonged contact between the Mapuche people and the Europeans who settled in Chile has had on the variety of Spanish spoken in this territory, as well as the geographic, socioeconomic, ethnic and gender distributions of the resulting linguistic phenomena.

Forschung und Publikationen

Siehe Persönliche Webseite.

Corpora und Linguistische Ressourcen


Dynamic Corpus of Written Chilean Spanish (850 million words).


Sociolinguistic Speech Corpus of Spoken Chilean Spanish (9.2 million words of transcribed speech).


Word Frequency List of Chilean Spanish.


Praat script for working with large speech corpora.


Software for phonemically transcribing, syllabifying and assigning accents and pauses to orthographic Spanish texts.

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