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Shevan Wilkin

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Shevan Wilkin

Shevan Wilkin

Shevan Wilkin


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Main Focus

Shevan Wilkin is a biological anthropologist specializing in the study human diet and behaviour using biomolecular methods. A PhD student researcher, she focuses on the gene-culture coevolution of the origins dairying and the emergence of locationally distinct lactase persistence alleles through aDNA and proteomic analyses. Her current project includes human dental calculus samples from many sites throughout Central Asia, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. 

Her MA thesis evaluated contexts of violence in times of empire and subsequent collapse in pre-Columbian Peru, and how drastic cultural, ideological, and political changes impacted physical bodies. 

Current Project: Dairying and Dietary Adaptive Evolution in Prehistoric Eurasia

Organizational Unit (Department, Group, Facility):

  • Department of Archaeology
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