Inaugural Cultural Evolution Society Conference

Jena 2017
13-15 September

The organising team - Andy Whiten, Fiona Jordan , Joe Brewer, Michele Gelfand,
Michelle Kline, Olivier Morin and Russell Gray - can be contacted at this address:
Jena Panorama

The Cultural Evolution Society supports evolutionary approaches to culture in humans and other animals. The society welcomes all who share this fundamental interest, including in the pursuit of basic research, teaching, or applied work. We are committed to fostering an integrative interdisciplinary community spanning traditional academic boundaries from across the social, psychological, and biological sciences, and including archaeology, computer science, economics, history, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy and religious studies. We also welcome practitioners from applied fields such as medicine and public health, psychiatry, community development, international relations, the agricultural sciences, and the sciences of past and present environmental change.

We have embraced the challenge of bringing members of these fields together under a shared interest in cultural evolution, based in rigorous science with strong theoretical foundations. Our inaugural meeting encourages contributions across a diversity of themes that may include:

  • Analysis of quantitative data to study cultural and historical dynamics
  • Cognitive anthropology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Comparative studies of social learning/cultural transmission in humans and other animals
  • Education and outreach from Cultural Evolution into civil society
  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Experimental studies of social learning/cultural evolution
  • ‘Grand Challenges’ revealed in the recent survey of founding members (link)
  • Modelling of cultural evolutionary dynamics
  • Neuroscience and biological approaches
  • Phylogenetic analysis of culture and language
  • Evolution of religious beliefs and practices
  • Evolution of language and languages
  • Real-world applications of cultural evolutionary knowledge

In this and future meetings, we are committed to an inclusive, pluralistic perspective. We hope you will join us in Jena, Germany at the inaugural meeting of the Cultural Evolution Society in September 2017.

The Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History is excited to welcome over 300 participants from around the globe to Jena for the conference. You can read a description here in which Director Russell Gray and Olivier Morin of the Department of Liguistic and Cultural Evolution discuss the significance of this event for the study of human language and culture.

"For reasons of space, registrations are now closed to anyone who did not have an abstract accepted at the conference (poster, short talk or long talk). Please provide us with a pdf copy of the acceptance email sent by the organisers for your abstract while registering."

Registration fees (including lunch and refreshments) are 355 euros, 180 euros for students who register. The conference dinner fees are an additional 29 euros. In case you have paid the registration fees but cannot attend, the fees will be reimbursed if reimbursement is requested before September the 5th. A 10% handling fee will be retained.

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