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Bos, K. I.; Schuenemann, V. J.; Golding, G. B.; Burbano, H. A.; Waglechner, N.; Coombes, B. K.; McPhee, J. B.; DeWitte, S. N.; Meyer, M.; Schmedes, S. et al.; Wood, J.; Earn, D. J. D.; Herring, D. A.; Bauer, P.; Poinar, H. N.; Krause, J.: A draft genome of Yersinia pestis from victims of the Black Death. Nature 478 (7370), pp. 506 - 510 (2011)
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Jordan, S.; Krause, J.; Prager, A.; Mitrovic, M.; Jonjic, S.; Koszinowski, U. H.; Adler, B.: Virus progeny of murine Cytomegalovirus bacterial artificial chromosome pSM3fr show reduced growth in salivary glands due to a fixed mutation of MCK-2. Journal of Virology 85 (19), pp. 10346 - 10353 (2011)
Journal Article
Stoneking, M.; Krause, J.: Learning about human population history from ancient and modern genomes. Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (9), pp. 603 - 614 (2011)
Journal Article
Schuenemann, V. J.; Bos, K. I.; DeWitte, S.; Schmedes, S.; Jamieson, J.; Mittnik, A.; Forrest, S.; Coombes, B. K.; Wood, J. W.; Earn, D. J. D. et al.; White, W.; Krause, J.; Poinar, H. N.: Targeted enrichment of ancient pathogens yielding the pPCP1 plasmid of Yersinia pestis from victims of the Black Death. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (38), pp. E746 - E752 (2011)
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