Inaugural Cultural Evolution Society Conference

Jena 2017
13-15 September

USER'S Manual

User's Manual [PDF]


Our full program is available as a Guidebook app called “Cultural Evolution Society Jena”. We recommend using the Guidebook app on your phone or tablet to access the program, abstracts, and conference information. We have chosen to use Guidebook as it provides a way to personalize your conference experience and to quickly see what's coming next, while being easy to read--no more squinting or resizing a webpage or PDF on your phone, and no wasteful paper printing.

The Guidebook app works off line as well as on line, but has to be downloaded first. You can also access the Guidebook program on a laptop via a web browser at this link:

If you need help with Guidebook, please visit this tutorial:

The conference venue is equipped with free wireless connection for all attendants.


Oral presentations

We will shortly be sending you an invitation to upload your slides to a dropbox folder. You should upload your slides to that dropbox link, unless you are part of a chaired themed session (in which case, see below). Presentations should be uploaded before the 8th of September. Beyond that date, we cannot guarantee that your presentation will display properly: you may bring your presentation on a USB stick an hour minimum before the start of your session. Connecting your personal laptop to our beamers is not possible. 

We strongly recommend using pdf formats. Should you use .ppt, your presentation should be adapted to run on any version of Powerpoint. Videos should be compatible with Quicktime.

By default, we are assuming that you agree to let the audience consult your slides via our Guidebook app. If you disagree with this and do not wish your slides to be viewable inside Guidebook, please write to us (

If your talk is part of a chaired themed session, you should consult with your chair and send them your slides within the delay they deem convenient.

Long talks (including Showcased talks) are set to last for 15 minutes, with 5 minutes of questions (20 minutes in all). Flash talks should last no more than 3 minutes, with one quick question from the floor.

Instructions for chairs of themed sessions

Chairs of themed sessions should upload the slides of all their session’s presentation with a USB key before the start of their session, on the computer of the room where the session is to take place. It is the chair’s responsibility to ensure that all presentations are displayed properly.


Your poster should be sized A0 or smaller, oriented vertically (portrait not landscape).

You should deposit your poster at the registration desk or in the Brentano room before 1 PM on Wednesday the 13th. Our team will transport it to the session’s site and hang it for you. Please do not forget to write your name on your poster tube. All the tubes will be stored in the library room, at the back of the library hall where the poster session takes place. All posters should be removed before 10 PM on the 13th.

Please note that the poster session takes place at our institute, not at the Steigenberger Hotel. A map and an itinerary will be made available on the Guidebook app.

Adding a pdf of your poster to our Guidebook program is a great idea. Please upload it to this dropbox folder,, before the 10th of September. We will add it to your poster abstract where everyone can consult it.

Instructions for chairs

Sessions are usually chaired by the last speaker in the session. Plenary sessions and chaired themed sessions are exceptions. The chair for every session is indicated on the program. The order of talks is as indicated on the program.

Photographs & social networks

Filming and photographing during the conference is tolerated but not encouraged. Presenters who do not want to have their slides photographed or tweeted about may display the following signs in a corner of the screen; these presentations should not be photographed or shared on social media.

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