Some impressions from the conference


Adrian Viliami Bell, University of Utah
Robert Blust, University of Hawai
Nicole Boivin, Oxford University
David Burley, Simon Fraser University
Bethwyn Evans, Australian National University
Alex Francois, French National Center of Scientific Research
Emily Gasser, Swarthmore College
Michael Gavin, Colorado State University
Simon Greenhill, Australian National University
Michiko Intoh, National Museum of Ethnology
Stephen Lansing, Nanyang Technological University & Santa Fe Institute
Johann-Mattis List, Centre des Recherches Linguistiques sur l'Asie Orientale, Paris
Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas, University of Geneva
Lisa Matisoo-Smith, University of Otago
Albert Min-Shan Ko, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Weera Ostapirat, Mahidol University
Adam Powell, University of Mainz
Irina Pugach, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Martine Robbeets, Leiden University
Malcolm Ross, Australian National University
Laurent Sagart, French National Center for Scientific Research
Christophe Sand, Institute of Archaeology of New Caledonia
Paul Sidwell, Australian National University
Frederique Valentin, French National Center for Scientific Research


Please apply by email to:
Registration is limited to 55 participants.


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June 22nd - June 23rd, 2015 | Jena, Germany

Organizers: Russell Gray, Lisa Matisoo-Smith, and Simon Greenhill


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