Native American with Tuberculosis infection, potential zoonosis from seals. Zoom Image

Native American with Tuberculosis infection, potential zoonosis from seals.

Application Procedure for PhD program at the Department of Archaeogenetics

The application procedure for admission to the PhD program is online. Since your registration as an applicant and your application form are submitted in one document, it is essential for you to read this entire section carefully so that you do things in the proper order. Please note that you will not be able to change your data after it has been submitted.

Please submit your application by 10th of February 2016!

Please enable Java and JavaScript for submitting your data!

The Procedure at a glance

Here is the procedure at a glance. Read this before submitting any documents.

  • Please be aware of the deadline.
  • Please make sure if you are eligible to apply.
  • Start compiling your documents early. You will need a fair amount of time to gather all required information, and allow your referees sufficient time to write their letters.
  • Find referees. You will need to ask two referees to write a letter of recommendation for you. You have to name them in your Application and Registration form, so you must first ensure that they are willing to provide the recommendation. When you have submitted your Application and Registration form, the referees will automatically receive an e-mail linking them to the Letter of Recommendation form. It is your responsibility to contact your referees and make sure they submit the form in due time.
  • Fill out the Application and Registration form.
  • Look out for the Confirmation email with your Registration Code. Your spam filter might sort out the confirmation e-mail, so check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within an hour.
  • Upload your Supplementary Application Materials, including CV and transcripts.
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